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Jeremy Loops

December 21, 2016


Sealand Gear Ambassador Jeremy Loops showing children how to plant a tree

Photo credit_Ben Brown
Jeremy Loops is an award-winning musician and environmentalist from Cape Town, South Africa. His debut album, Trading Change, debuted at No. 1 in South Africa, chartered throughout Europe, and earned him several awards, most notably MTV Africa’s Award for Best Alternative Album. It has since gone gold, and produced several number one singles. Jeremy is also the co-founder of Greenpop, a tree-planting organisation that’s planted over 60,000 trees in under-green, underprivileged communities in Southern Africa.                                                                                                                          

Sealand Gear Ambassador Jeremy Loops holding fresh organic vegetables

Photo credit_Ben Brown
In Greenpop’s early days, Jeremy served as the company’s CFO, but as his influence has spread around the world through his music, he’s leveraged that profile to transition into an ambassadorial and spokesperson role. Greenpop’s mission is to bring about environmental change by addressing the severe impact of deforestation, while also using tree-planting as a tool for social upliftment.
Given Jeremy’s music is his vehicle for spreading the very social message Greenpop is dedicated to, he doesn’t wear two hats - both his music and activism are extensions of one another.                                                                                                                                 

Sealand Gear Ambassador Jeremy Loops performing infant of a large crowd

Photo credit_ Mr Sakitumi
He says ‘My music and my commitment to social upliftment and conserving the environment makes me me. I am deeply devoted and passionate about using music as a platform for bringing people together while spreading joy and positivity in a way that, I believe, very few other platforms really can. Climate change is real, society growths further fractured, and while many of us see this, many don’t believe it and, worse still, many are indifferent. Sadly, this is a problem that will affect us all and we need to do something about it now.’
Whether planting trees in an orphanage, or in heavily deforested Zambia with Greenpop, or performing music to large audiences at festivals or his own shows, his message of positivity, and a willingness to get your hands dirty for the very things you wish to see more of in the world defines Jeremy’s view on the world, and his approach to creativity.


Sealand Gear Ambassador Jeremy Loops playing guitar and singing

Photo credit_Ben Brown

Stay up to date with the adventures of Jeremy Loops through his various online and social channels:





snapchat - ‘jeremyloops



Sealand Gear Ambassador Jeremy Loops performing

Photo credit_Tash Montlake

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