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Gear Review: Dune M Duffle Bag

October 09, 2019

Proud Sealander… by Zane Schmahl

I stumbled on a Facebook post a couple of years ago about this funky bag manufacturing company with a clear and excellent ethos. Learning more about them and their initiative on the Sealand website, I made contact. Shortly, after a couple of coffees with Mike and later a “Landcruiser Troopy” meeting with Jasper, I become a Sealander.

Photo cred: Jacques Marais

My family has embraced the bags - even our “Baby bag” for the kids is a Sealand bag. Travelling all over the world, with various applications, the bags have not stood back. Dusty bakkie rides, MTB trips, Surf trips, family weekends, you name it and our beloved Sealand Gear has come along and proved its worthiness to the “not so easy on gear” Schmahl’s!

Fast forward to the last 2 weeks. Tropical Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 350km Expedition Race, where an old school fishing boat is your team’s home base for about 5 days. Objective; Trek, Paddle, Bike, Swim and Sail along the course on Rodrigues Island with 60 other teams from all over the world. You need quite a bit of gear for an Expedition race, but with this race we needed a bag to keep all our re-supply gear and food on the boats for the duration of the race.

Photo cred: Jacques Marais

Bag of choice the Dune Large duffle bag. This bag was left out in the elements on a boat with all my essentials securely zipped closed in it. It got man handled, abused, drenched, cooked and doubled up as a very comfy pillow when the sleep monsters hit at 3am in the morning.

Issues: it is a bit salty now and needs a proper clean!

Moral of the story, not just a great initiative and excellent company ethos but a durable and kick ass product as well!

Photo cred: Jacques Marais

See full story of Zane's adventures here:  https://www.schmahl.family/stories/tropical-island-holidayexpedition-style

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