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Simple, compact, and charming in its form, this handbag got its name from the Swahili name “MWEZI”, meaning half moon. A single adjustable 38mm shoulder strap allows for a short and tight or long and loose shoulder slung bag. The hidden external pocket creates an interesting visual aesthetic to the overall form of MWEZI.

A large zipper is used to secure the opening, which leads into the upcycled advertising banner material lining, generating a smooth neat finish. Internally, a combination of a sleeve pocket and a zipper pocket separate the space from the main compartment.

  • Materials: Bedouin Stretch (BS), Yacht Sail (YS), Advertising Billboard Mesh (ABM)
  • Dimensions: L 350mm x D 50mm x H 260mm
  • Weight: BS 0.5kg, YS 0.3kg
  • Literage: 4,5 litres
  • Origin: Cape Town, South Africa

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