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Poka XS_ Breeze

Description_ Small but with big responsibilities. The Poka pouch collection is made up of four unique sizes, to best suit your desired usage. Whether it be stationary, day-to-day essentials, GoPro accessories, or travel tools, the Poka pouches are our go to compact storage organizers.

POKA XS is handmade in the Sealand workshop situated in Cape Town, South Africa, and has a lifetime warranty.

  • Dimensions_      L 145mm x D 10mm x H 80mm
  • Weight_              0.02kg
  • Volume_             0.1 liters
  • Material_            Upcycle: Yacht Sail


  • Shape and position of insignia may differ from images.

Category: Poka_XS, yachtsail

Type: Unknown Type

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