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The end goal is where we begin

Making bags, accessories and clothing that can last, that are built for life and are environmentally smart...not an easy goal.

Various challenges present themselves in the journey from identification of used or waste material that has served its purpose, and is by all accounts ‘spent’, into new combinations of textures that offer multiple functionalities and added longevity; so preventing their ubiquitous accumulation in landfills and tips.

Our material sampling, selection and design process allows us to re-use waste material in a new composition, a new contextualization. We have identified a variety of primary sources of waste material, all extremely durable in their spent form and all of which retain their structural properties when ‘up-cycled’. We have taken truck tarpaulin, for example, advertising billboard mesh, stretch tent material and old sail cloth and used them in a whole new context by developing a range of products that are intrinsically suited to them.

By taking great care in finding visually pleasing upcycled elements and textures and combining these through inspired design, we create new meaning.

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