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BETTIE speaks a language of sophisticated style combined with usable functionality. The overall form is refined to a clean look, with a subtle contrast between the smooth Truck Tarpaulin base and the matte, Bedouin Stretch upper. Bettie is well suited to be used as a college, work, or around town shoulder handbag or carry bag, and has multiple internal storage/divide sleeves and spaces to keep your life organized. The internal pack space is big enough to be used as an over night or gym bag, and can be used as an on flight carry bag.

 The visually clean exterior is contrasted with a variety of patterns and prints that were previously hanging up as advertising banners, however now emphasizes the bags interior and create a uniqueness that no other will have. The lining is soft and smooth, adding to Bettie's sophisticated finishes.

BETTIE is hand made in the Sealand workshop situated in Cape Town, South Africa, and has a lifetime warrantee.

Each and every Sealand product incorporates elements of up-cycled material, which in return creates a unique finish to every product we offer.

  • Materials: Bedouin Stretch (BS) combined with Truck Tarpaulin (TT)
  • Dimensions: L 470mm x D 160mm x H 340mm
  • Weight: BS 1.09 kg
  • Literage: 25,5 litres
  • Origin: Cape Town, South Africa

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