Pocket Cream

Pocket is a simple and relaxed fitting T-shirt, which forms part of our clothing essentials, where timeless style and colours are of the essence. The arms, base and pocket of the Pocket have a ‘Loose Stitch’ stitching detail that is complemented by the loose fitting neckline ensuing a smart but relaxed look. Pocket features a humble chest pocket detail on this style and comes in four colour options, black, white, cream, and olive.

Made from a 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton blend, with a visual yet functional chain stitch internal shoulder ribbing, this t-shirt is designed to last and be stylish for years to come.

Hemp is naturally organic, requires very little water to grow and needs no chemicals. It is known as one of the strongest natural fibers, which lends itself to make beautiful durable textiles. It is an open fiber, which encourages breathability, resulting in a less frequent need to be washed and extended wear-ability.

• Sizes: S, M, L, XL
• Material: 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton
• Manufactured in Cape Town

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