Maryke Musson

May 13, 2020

Maryke, a self-confessed fish-nerd, grew up with the ambition of being a dolphin. When that did not quite work out, she managed to obtain science degrees in various fields including marine biology, medical physiology, ichthyology and fisheries science, psychology and neurology. She has worked in the marine science field for the past 25 years, from aquariology, to research to sustainable production and governance, and has presented at many conferences locally and internationally.

Her focus is on making a difference, every day, through marine conservation, awareness, research, education and sharing inspiring ocean stories. She is currently the CEO of the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation, a Public Benefit and Non-Profit Organisation with a variety of environmental education and outreach programmes and a very successful sea turtle rescue, rehabilitation and release programme.

Maryke is also a Master Carbon Analyst and believes if all companies are aware of, and sensitive to their carbon emissions, and work towards being carbon neutral, our planet will be a much healthier environment for all. She has thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated assisting the Roxy Davis Foundation as one of the head volunteers with adaptive surf coaching, as well as the Sentinel Ocean Alliance with developing and facilitating long-term environmental education activities at its outreach surf club.

Maryke has two very cool daughters, Finn and Kai, who both love the ocean but determined on becoming medical doctors. As a family we would like to save people and the environment.

What makes you YOU in one sentence?
Ocean passionate and optimistic about doing good and connecting all people to nature, through wonderful stories and a big smile of course.

How will your outlook on life improve the world?
My enthusiastic, passionate and quite often overly positive nature finds opportunities, new paths and connections to inspire communities to care about the sea and land, to change behaviours and make a positive impact. Together, with good attitudes, kindness and determination, we can achieve so much more.

Facebook: @aquariumfoundation and @marykemusson
Instagram: @aquariumfoundation and @maryke.musson
LinkedIn: marykemusson

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