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Our Story

Where mountains and ocean connect

Rooted in Cape Town’s southern peninsula where mountains and ocean so vividly connect, Sealand was born with a conviction of keeping the environment front and centre alongside inspired functional designs and longevity. Smart material selection, compelling functionality and product durability are all palpable features of what we make.

Our start-up team lives the Sealand brand with combined passions for business, for the wondrous outdoors, for life. With a huge heart for the ocean, Mike Schlebach, is recognised for his contribution to waste fabric upcycling in South Africa and sits amongst the country’s best known big wave surfers. Jasper Eales, the imaginative mind behind the brand, drives the brands’ focus to achieve refined, practical solutions, which are designed to last. Meagan Webb has a keen eye for design and has come on board to assist in taking Sealand to Europe. Together, we are the creative minds and fabrication specialists behind Sealand Gear, bringing inspired design in upcycled material texture combinations from the drawing board to the rack.

  • Sandy Walters

    Sandy is a relative new comer to the team and is a happy presence
    around the workshop even though she has been through
    some hard times. Sandy is a Cape Town local
    through and through and enjoys a strong affinity with her god.

    Meet the crew
  • Ephraim “Malumi” Shamu

    Ephraim is our new “Malumi” at work and even though he hasn’t been with us
    for that long, he has arrived with great experience and wisdom.
    He knows a great deal about the machines he is using and
    schools us all on good manufacturing process.
    Good guy to have around we thinks.

    Meet the crew
  • Jonas "Mr Jones" Ndippo

    Mr Jones and me…Jonas has been around since the beginning and has been instrumental in guiding our crew over the years on how to make a seriously top quality up-cycled bag(no easy task we might add). A father of two and husband of many (just jokes), Jonas is a lover of life, of people, of his work and most importantly he always comes to work on time.

    Meet the crew