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Josh Rowe Telling Sealand Gear Stories Through Film

Josh Rowe is a talented storyteller, focusing on stories that have an impact and can change mindsets & empower individuals or minorities. Josh is not only a filmmaker, but a qualified Geologist and passionate life enthusiast, trying to approach general problem solving from a unique perspective.

Sealand is working on an exciting video series with Josh, which will share the Sealand Gear story with you. Keep an eye out on our social media platforms.


Who are you & what differentiates you from the rest?



I’m a Geologist, filmmaker & life enthusiast. My passion drives me & it’s the number one factor that differentiates me from the rest. Thinking out of the box & problem solving is exciting. Being extremely driven and goal focused is a bonus thing in an industry that’s exploding, visual media. I love what I do, therefore it makes the job less intimidating. I love tigers, that’s where the business name TigerFire comes from.


What has lead you to where you find yourself today?


My Landy. Haha!

Hard work combined with passion, sacrifice and self-belief. It’s been a weird journey of self-discovery & identifying who I am & what I stand for. Being a self taught film maker has come with some sacrifices and challenges but I have appreciated the journey and wouldn’t have changed it for a thing. It’s cool because it turned out to be what I made of it, which has given me 100% creativity. Collaboration is definitely part of the process, finding creatives who have a drive to create alongside me. I could never have made my best works by myself. Multiple free projects are some of my best & favourite works. Shooting a scripted feature film without a budget can stretch you and make you really appreciate the times you have a team, and budget!


What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?




Where do you see yourself in 5 years?



I see myself working with brands that really want to tell meaningful stories; stories that have an impact and can change mindsets & empower individuals or minorities. I’m a story hunter and storyteller, so my number one role is to find stories, and my second role is to tell those stories as accurately as possible.

I see my classic car collection a bit bigger than one vehicle hopefully! I love restoration projects and getting things back up and running or restored to spec; be it cars, bicycles or motorbikes, I have a spot for them all!

I see at least one more feature film under the belt, as a Director of Photography.

Good friends, Definitely a dog in the back of my truck & married hopefully!


What inspires you?



How is Sealand changing the way you think?

Sealand has been the catalyst to living a more mindful life. It has really challenged me to think long term in my decision-making. I’ve begun eating a lot healthier & living a more sustainable lifestyle. The way I upcycle in my personal life would be by not buying new cars or motorbikes. It’s better than just adding a new car to the road, by making the old ones work, in my mind it is kind of like upcycling. It’s made me think of where that plastic packet is going, or how small decisions can effect the larger picture more than we think.


What is it that excites you about Sealand?

To be involved with Sealand on a creative aspect, it’s amazing to work with a group of people who have common interests, it’s fun & energizing to go into the workshop and see the guys making a difference and doing things differently. What’s really exciting is the scope for the product to travel the world and become a global brand. Authenticity is hard to come by these days, when you find it, you know how important it is, and Sealand embodies authenticity, creativity and innovation. It’s been a privilege to build a relationship with Sealand.


Where would you rather be?


Something we don’t know about you



What’s the most challenging thing about being a creative?


Keeping up with the pace of digital. Stories can so easily be lost through the internet, keeping it relevant and accessible is difficult. Keeping the audiences attention for 10 minutes is challenging in an age where instant “instagratification” is right at every ones finger tips all day, every day.


More about Josh:

Instagram: @tigerfire_films

Vimeo: tigerfire

Youtube: Josh Rowe


Some of Josh's recent favourites: 



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