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Courtney Munna


Courtney Anne Munna is a Cape Town-born Italian, who grew up in Botswana; this diverse background has exposed her to a wide range of cultures and made her incredibly resilient. Courtney joined Sealand in 2020 as a designer in the Sealand Studio, focusing on product. Courtney, or ‘Munna’, completed her Industrial Design degree from Cape Town University of Technology in 2019. This has equipped her with the technical and creative skills to create and conceptualise with maturity and artistry. Her ambition and drive led her to being named ‘Rookie of the Year’ at Sealand in 2020. From a young age Courtney has always had a profound connection to the natural world around her. Her first love – and happy place – is the Kalahari Desert plateau. This has culminated in a lifestyle centred around nature and connecting with its beauty. She believes that stressed-states are best remedied by the calming sense of engaging with one’s natural surroundings. Her goal is to make a change in the world through community and product design. Munna’s favourite things about working at Sealand are the people, the freedom, and the ability to make ravioli in the microwave.

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