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Co2 Avoided

The emissions associated with the use of upcyled and recycled materials in our gear are up to 99% and 70% less than virgin (new) materials, respectively. 

Water Saved

Our garments are produced using either African grown cotton or a hemp cotton blend which both use considerably less water than conventional cotton. 

Higher Wages

We value our family and their contribution to our brand - we pay a living wage which is on average 40% than South African living wage.

Waste Spared from Landfill

We spare waste from landfill by using predominantly upcycled material in our gear. 

Give Bags Donated

We believe in giving back to our community whilst keeping the environment front centre. For every online order over R1500, we donate an upcycled bag to an aligned initiative.

Founded on some of the core principles of sustainability, Sealand has always strived to reduce the adverse effects of consumption on the environment and add value to our communities and people. Our founding principles of upcycling, material stewardship and circular economy have guided us along a path of responsibility since our inception in 2015.

As a company in the gear and apparel sector, Sealand is conscious of the negative environmental impacts associated with fast fashion and consumption. Since our first stitch, Sealand has chosen to resist the unsustainable levels of production and high levels of consumption trends which underpin most of the apparel and fashion space. Through environmentally efficient material selection, innovative design and product durability, we have sought to both slow down the rate of consumption and reduce the environmental damage caused by production.

Equally as important to Sealand as reducing our impact on the environment is creating shared value with our people and our community. As a South African-born brand, we are cognisant of the country’s unjust history and its staggeringly high levels of unemployment and inequality. We understand that as a brand operating within these socio-economic complexities, we have a duty to add value wherever we can.

Our various social initiatives, collaborations and our focus on handmade production and job creation are a testament to our unwavering passion for community and people.

Our Paths with Our Planet

Our Paths with Our Community

Our Gear is Carbon Neutral

1% For The Planet

Our Give Initiative

Community Partnerships

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