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Green Weekend

With Black Friday approaching, the Sealand Family found itself stuck. On the one hand, the mass consumerism the day represents is in contrast to our core values. On the other hand it presents us with an opportunity to do some good by leveraging the hype that surrounds the day. Rather than sacrificing our core values or the opportunity to do good, we have decided to host our own Green Weekend.

From the 22nd - 27th November 2018 Sealand is:

  1. Giving away 10% of total sales over the weekend to the environment. All 10% will be going to The Beach Co-Op. The Beach Co-Op is doing incredible work keeping beaches clean. We have worked with them before and are excited to contribute to their work in anyway we can.
  2. Giving a 20% discount off all online purchases.
  3. Giving away a free Sealand Shopper Bag for all purchases over R1 500.
  4. Giving away a prize to one lucky winner. To enter all you have to do is post your favourite picture of you cleaning up a beach tagging @sealandgear & #discovernewpaths.

We are trying to leave a positive mark on this Earth. By buying from us this weekend, you will too.