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With Black Friday fast approaching, the Sealand family has once again found itself stuck. On the one hand, the mass consumerism the day represents is in contrast to our core values. On the other hand, it presents us with an opportunity to do some good by leveraging the hype that surrounds the day. Rather than sacrificing our core values or the opportunity to do good, we have decided to host our own Green Weekend. It is a moment for us to give back to our incredible Sealand family, as well as put a positive spin on the day by doing some good for the environment. 

From the 28 November - 2 December 2019 Sealand is:

  1. Giving away 10% of total sales over the weekend to the environment. All 10% will be going to The Beach Co-Op. Founded by Sealand Ambassador, Aaniyah Omardien, the Beach Co-Op is doing incredible work by conducting critical research and data collection along our coastlines, while rolling up their sleeves and physically cleaning our beaches at the same time. We have consistently partnered with them, and are always excited to contribute to their work in any way we can.
  2. Giving a 20% discount off all purchases through our website, Sealand Experience Store, and Sealand Kiosk. 
  3. Giving away a free Upcycled Tote Bag worth €35 for all purchases over €220.
Keep your eyes peeled for more details to be released on Thursday!

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