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Care instructions for Sealand bags:

Your Sealand bag can last a lifetime if treated with care, it has been hand made with smiles in Cape Town, South Africa, giving it the ability to be repaired if stitching happens to come loose, or general wear and tear weakens the bag.

Yacht Sail, Truck Tarp, Advertising Billboard Mesh, and Ripstop can be wiped down with a damp cloth, where as Bedouin Stretch needs to first be soaked for 15-20 min in warm water and then scrubbed with a soft brush. All our bags can be put into the washing machine at a low temperature wash and then hung out to dry. Continued exposure to direct sunlight may cause certain materials to discolour, so when possible store in a shaded, cool and dry place.

Sealand bags are made primarily from upcycled materials, encouraging a uniqueness to every bag we produce.  We believe what was previously seen as a defect is now seen as value added character.

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